In Dizy, a village near Epernay, the Champagne Estate Paul Berthelot has been developing for five generations, a Champagne in the same vein and according to the same principles of the founder Emile Berthelot and his dynamic great grandchildren, Paul, conductor of the trade of the house from 1940 to 2000 and Jacques, responsible since 1960 for the organization of the vineyard and its development.

The Domaine has 16 hectares of vineyards between Dizy and Avenay, classified Premier Cru , and also Aÿ which is classified Grand Cru.

Pinot noir and Chardonnay are the majority in equal parts. Patience and clairvoyance have guided the Berthelot family towards success at the cost of a job that is adapted and consistent with each era.

Today the family spirit remains: Arnauld BERTHELOT, the grandson of Paul BERTHELOT, runs the estate in his viticultural role, while Valérie his wife, manages marketing and communications.

Estelle, Arnauld’s sister, is in charge of the compatibility of the Champagne House.

Working in the vineyards while preserving the health of plants is a rule among the Berthelots since the beginning.

Today, the working position on our vineyard is committed to a reasoned culture approach. What is the Raisonné?

This method of cultivation is first and foremost a question of observation, the winegrower must know his vines and appreciate the behavior of this wonderful work tool throughout the year.

It is therefore a mode of culture, passionate by the time spent and the will to always progress, so that each intervention of phytosanitary protection in the vines is calculated and measured. Why ? Because the environment has become a priority and its preservation a duty for all.

To meet this challenge for our field and for the environment, we start from the observation that any treatment has a meaning, and only the necessary treatments at the physiological stages of the vine at the right moment are realized.

The last harvest of 2010 showed the validity of this positioning and have reinforced us in our choice of culture.

A few minutes from Epernay, the champagne capital, at the foot of the sunny slopes of the Montagne de Reims, a visit to our traditional family home on the champagne tourist route.

Enjoy the new season in a warm and friendly atmosphere and discover the richness and diversity of aromas and flavors of our range of traditional champagnes.