54 years ago, Robert “Kool” Bell along with his younger brother and childhood friends, started a band. They are now the longest non-stop touring band in the history of music, the most sampled and the only group in the world with a song more popular than “Happy Birthday”

Kool and his lovely wife Sakinah, who recently passed away, created Just Kool Enterprises as a way to bring together generations of music lovers while leveraging his name and likeness.

Once they connected with their business partners, Olfa & Mohamed Moretta, this Dream became REALITY!

First came The Just Kool After Party which started off as The Official Kool & The Gang “Post concert celebration”.

In a few short years, it has become a global phenomenon that has been seen from New York to Paris, Hong Kong to Dubai!

An avid lover of Champagne, Kool had always envisioned having his own brand out of Europe.

For many years, he sought out Grand Cru Vineyards from owners that have been selling for generations and decided to work with Paul Berthelot, a Multi-Vintage Grand Cru Producer since 1884!