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About Le Kool Champagne

In 1964, 59 years ago, Kool along with his younger brother Khalis and

childhood friends, started a band. They are now the longest non-stop touring

band in the history of music, the most sampled and the only group in the world

with a song more popular than “Happy Birthday”

Kool and his lovely wife, the late Sakinah Bell, created Just Kool Enterprises

as a way to bring together generations of music lovers while leveraging his

name and likeness.

An avid lover of Champagne, Kool had always envisioned having his own

brand out of Europe.

Once they connected with their business partners Olfa and Mohamed Moretta

this Dream became a Reality!

They sought out Grand Cru Vineyards from owners that have been selling for

generations and decided to work with Estate Paul Berthelot, a Multi-Vintage


Located on 16 hectares of Premier Cru vineyards in Dizy & Avernay and the Grand

Cru Village of Ay. Maison Berthelot has been developing for five generations, a

Champagne in the same vein and same principles since 1884!

Awarded Best Champagne Brand 2023 by LuxLife Magazine.

Le Kool “The Celebration Champagne” has exploded like a cork amongst the

world’s most prestigious names.

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